Abiodun (Oyo ruler)’s biography, reality, profession, awards, internet price and life story

Intro Alaafin of the Oyo people
From Nigeria
Gender male
Birth Oyo Empire
Death Nigeria

Abiodun (reigned c. 1770–1789) was an 18th-century alaafin, or ruler, of the Oyo people in what’s now Nigeria.


Oyo Empire

Coming to the throne shortly after the Oyo subjugation of neighboring Dahomey, Abiodun rapidly found himself embroiled in a civil warfare over the targets of the newly wealthy state.

Bashorun Gaha, the empire’s prime minister and lord marshal, had used his vitality to pervert the constitutional phrases of abdication in a bid to limit the powers of the Alaafin and purchase further political vitality for himself. During Gaha’s vitality play, he had succeeded in eradicating three kings sooner than Abiodun curtailed his excesses and had him burned alive.

In phrases of commerce, whereas Abiodun favored monetary progress for its private sake, his opponents favored using the wealth from Dahomey’s tribute to finance further military progress. Abiodun rapidly proved victorious and pursued a protection of peaceful commerce with the European retailers of the coast. This course significantly weakened the army, leaving his successor, Awole, coping with a whole lot of native revolts.


Descendants and legacy

Abiodun’s reign is usually remembered as a time of peace and prosperity for the Oyo, though Nigerian playwright Femi Òsófisan portrays him as a despot in his play The Chattering and the Song (1973). His son Alaafin Atiba was the founding father of the ruling dynasty throughout the present Oyo. His grandson Cândido da Fonseca Galvão, beneath the title of Dom Oba II, was an very important South American abolitionist all through Pedro II of Brazil’s rule. His totally different descendants moreover embody the Nineteenth-century warrior Oluyole, the historian Samuel Johnson, his brother physician Obadiah Johnson, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African Bishop of the CMS along with Nigerian nationalist Herbert Macaulay and Rev Canon M. C. Adeyemi.

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Abiodun (Oyo ruler)’s biography, reality, profession, awards, internet price and life story.For More Article Visit Aembux