Actors guild suspends Moses Armstrong over alleged rape of minor


8f8394c432b24f44bb6d4b94c1c8ce65The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has suspended Nollywood star Moses Armstrong for allegedly rapping a 16-year-old lady.

‘AGN suspends Moses Armstrong,’ in step with an announcement signed by AGN Director of Communications and renowned actress Monalisa Chinda.

According to the assertion, AGN President Emeka Rollas mentioned that the indefinite suspension was essential on account of the guild’s inquiry into the alleged rape incident.

“The Actors Guild of Nigeria’s National Executive Committee has placed actor Moses Armstrong on indefinite suspension following his arrest by the police on suspicion of raping a minor.”

“Because the Actors Guild of Nigeria has been at the forefront of advocacy against women’s rights violations such as rape, molestation, and all forms of abuse, the allegation against Moses Armstrong has the potential to tarnish our noble Guild’s good image and reputation if immediate action is not taken in accordance with the Guild’s constitutional provisions.”

“The actor’s suspension was based mostly on info arising from the Guild’s early inquiries into the criticism, in keeping with a letter signed by Ejezie Emeka Rollas.

“The National President additionally said that whereas it’s a horrible prevalence, nobody is above the regulation, notably with regards to rape and feminine abuse.

“While it is our responsibility to safeguard our members in the face of severe allegations, the law must run its course.”

“The actor is not expected to engage in any film production or Guild activity while on suspension.”

“He also stated that the National/State Chapter Task Forces have been mandated to monitor all film locations and production sets in the country,” in step with the assertion, “as violations of the suspension rules may result in further stiff disciplinary measures as stipulated by the AGN constitution.”


Armstrong labored as a Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State till his suspension. Rita Armstrong, his partner and coworker, died in 2018.

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