I Became Suicidal After Appearing On Reality Show — Ultimate Love Show Winner, Rosie Afuwape Reveals


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 Rosie Afuwape

The winner of the connection actuality TV current, Ultimate Love, Rosemary Afuwape, aka Rosie, has talked about that she turned suicidal after the current.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress and social media influencer talked about, “I can do not forget that I used to be suicidal (after the present). It was my dad that discovered me once I was about to finish my life. The purpose is I noticed my mum cry as a result of he (Kachi, her co-owner on the present and former boyfriend) was welcomed into our home. He was handled like a son, however he determined to pay us again with lies. My mom’s tears moved me. I by no means need to see my mom cry. It was much more painful as a result of we had been harm deeply by somebody we by no means did any unsuitable to. Seeing my mum cry made me suicidal. However, my dad got here by way of and requested me why I wished to finish my life due to one individual that was not value something to me once more.

“Love is not supposed to hurt. I am not hurt because love hurt me; rather, I am hurt because a person hurt me. I then stood up and decided to keep my mind focused on my sons. They motivate me every day. My fear every day is that of ever failing them. Every day, I usually find something to do or read. I am always pushing myself to the limits.”


On why she joined Nollywood, Afuwape talked about, “I did not venture into Nollywood because of fame. I believe there are still many untold stories out there. I want to make a difference. Inasmuch as I am an actress, I am also looking forward to producing my own movies.”

Advising girls who’re in toxic relationships, she talked about, “Please walk out. I know the societal pressures— ‘What would people say’, How can I start all over again’? ‘Where do I start from’? ‘’How would people see me’? However, you are the one that wears the shoes, so you know where it pinches.”


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