Sahana actress ineffective, Mysterious lack of lifetime of a 21-year-old actress on her birthday


Mysterious lack of lifetime of a 21-year-old actress on her birthday

In the state of Kerala, a 21-year-old actress mysteriously died in her dwelling, inflicting good shock and emotion.

Sahana is from Kozhikode, Kerala. She is a well known model and actress. She starred in lots of jewelry promotional movement footage. Her husband Sajit. Sajjid, who has been working in Qatar, has been collectively along with his partner for the last few months.

Sajjit and Sahana have been renting a house inside the Kozhikode Bazaar area at present. Sahana celebrated her twenty first birthday yesterday. Later, the native police had been educated that Sahana was hung from the window of her dwelling at 11 pm yesterday.

The police arrived on the scene and confiscated Sahana’s physique and despatched it for an autopsy. The police are moreover investigating the case of Sahana’s husband, Sajid, at current.

Sahana’s purpose for lack of life is anticipated to be revealed inside the inquest and autopsy report. The police suspect that the murder might have occurred due to frequent arguments between Sahana and Sajjid.

Meanwhile, Sahana’s dad and mother and brother claimed that Sahana’s lack of life was not a suicide, nonetheless a murder devoted by her husband Sajjid. Sahana and Sajjit have been married for a 12 months and a half. Sahana’s mysterious lack of life precipitated good shock and shock.

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