Terrorism: Who Is Allison Elizabeth From Kansas? 

Allison Elizabeth Brooks from Kansas was a Midwest teacher turned terrorist supplier who simply recently created a female military battalion.

Alison Elizabeth Brooks has been married to her sniper instructing terrorist husband throughout the USA and the pair now put collectively the troopers for the terrorist acts and conducts.

Alison has been sworn to the gun to protect the integrity of her terrorist clan and the leaders have been comfortable along with her newest run.

Her 5 years earlier had his arms on the AK-47 at such naive age.

She has been always tracked and indicted of numerous crimes and terrorist acts simply recently.

Allison moreover takes care of two orphan kids of a suicide bomber and she or he is elevating the naive souls in ISIS camps in illegal and hidden strategies.

Allison will be displaying on the Federal Court of Alexandria on Monday afternoon.

Such immoral illegal and terrorist acts that she has drawn her base on are to be admitted as a crucial crime.

Allison was blamed initially by six separate individuals who have been witnessing her uncommon terrorism-related tasking.

Texas Woman Allison Elizabeth Arrested For Leading All Female ISIS Battalion 

Allison Elizabeth Brooks has been arrested for important an all-female ISIS military battalion.

She was on a run from the pursuing officers who first charged her on the Virginia plot.

Allison was indicted of the crime by six sightings research that acquired right here from separated individuals retaining a watch over her illegal actions.

The Midwest teacher has deviated from her preaching path and relocated to gang violence threatening innocent souls that she initially swore to protect the least bit costs.

Allison Fluke-Ekren’s Religion Report

No associated knowledge regarding her religion and beliefs has been knowledgeable to the authority as real research.

Allison Fluke Ekren has been working for Islamic integrity and married to an Islamic husband working and dealing covertly on American soil.

Allison has been taken to the FBI court docket docket simply recently and will be charged for her crime.