What a hairpin is in F1 – and why it’s the easiest likelihood at overtaking for drivers


What exactly is a hairpin in F1 – and does every observe have one? Why are they the easiest likelihood for a driver at overtaking a rival by the race?

Each and every grand prix observe Formula 1 visits all by the season will present the drivers with a definite drawback via the make up of its corners.

Some will possible be high-speed flicks like sector one at Suzuka in Japan, or a set of medium-speed sweepers equal to on the Hungaroring in Budapest.

Quite a number of tracks on the F1 calendar perform what are often called hairpins – with drivers determining that’s the easiest likelihood at an overtake by the race.

What exactly is a hairpin in F1 and does every observe have one?

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What is a hairpin in F1?

A hairpin in F1 is a extremely tight nook the place the driving drive will flip sharply.

It requires full steering lock from the driving drive to make it spherical, with hairpins typically being among the many many slowest corners in F1.

They are sometimes found on the end of prolonged straights, with brave drivers able to overtake by diving up the inside of a rival.

Hairpins have numerous strains via them – with a big methodology allowing for greater exit, whereas an in depth methodology might give observe place.

Famous examples of hairpins in F1 embrace the Lowes Hairpin in Monaco, the one on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix and La Source at Spa in Belgium.

For occasion, the Lowes hairpin is no doubt one of many best overtaking spots in Monaco, when a driver will stick his nostril up the inside and barge earlier.

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Not every observe has one nonetheless, with Azerbaijan, Britain and Mexico amongst these worldwide places whose tracks wouldn’t have a hairpin.

Why they’re best for overtaking?

Hairpins in F1 provide a driver the easiest overtaking options on account of nature of them.

If a driver stick it up the inside of a hairpin, they’ll out-brake their rival and muscle their effectively previous.

Famously, Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton on the last word lap of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to win the world championship on the hairpin – Turn 5 by diving up the inside of the Mercedes.

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