What movement took Richard Cottingham? ‘The Torso Killer,’ accused of killing Diane Cusick in 1968


What movement took Richard Cottingham? ‘The Torso Killer,’ accused of killing Diane Cusick in 1968

The 1968 slaying of Diane Cusick has been accused of being devoted by Richard Cottingham, a 75-year-old serial killer who’s presently being held at South Woods State Prison in Bridgerton, New Jersey.

According to the Associated Press, as of 2022, officers suspected Richard Cottingham was accountable for at least 11 homicides in New York and New Jersey. Because so plenty of his victims have been dismembered, he earned the moniker “torso killer.”

Richard Cottingham

According to the New York Times, Cottingham confessed to an additional 5 murders in 2021 in change for amnesty from prosecution, though he had beforehand been found accountable of 5 murders throughout the Nineteen Eighties.

Diane Cusick, a 23-year-old dance trainer, was killed in 1968; Cottingham was charged alongside along with her murder on June 22, 2022. Cottingham, who was 22 on the time, was charged with torturing Diane Cusick sooner than allegedly beating and strangling her to demise.

Reaction to Richard Cottingham being charged with killing a 54-year-old man

If not for contemporary DNA know-how, the 1954 murder of Diane Cusick wouldn’t have been extra probed, primarily based on Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly.

Cusick’s murder, primarily based on Donnelly, remained unsolved no matter diligent police efforts. Authorities had little faith that it is likely to be resolved because of so much time had gone.

Donnelly stated to the media:

We suspect that that’s the earliest DNA match that has resulted in a prosecution throughout the United States.

Darlene Altman, Cusick’s 58-year-old daughter, expressed her shock that anyone had been linked to her mother’s demise after all these years.

She uttered:

I actually really feel very overwhelmed.
Darlene moreover suggested reporters how uneasy she felt when she first observed Cottingham on the arraignment.

She remarked:

He was pretty unsettling.
Richard Cottingham continues to be sustaining his innocence throughout the 1968 murder of Diane Cusick no matter confessing to five totally different killings in 2021.

While addressing the media, Donnelly admitted this.

She uttered:

“He didn’t make a complete admission,”
She went on:

What he described have been tiny milestones alongside one of the best ways, which we’ve been able to piece together with the assistance of the police division to complete that account.

@geostylegeo This assumption hasn’t truly been demonstrated, for my part. The phrase wasn’t even created until, say, the Nineteen Sixties. One issue is particular: all serial killers expert horrifying abuse of some variety, and that’s what gave rise to them.

Cottingham at current has the experience of an aged man who’s bedridden, and Donnelly cautioned the media to not be fooled by this. She asserted that this shouldn’t impact how the listening to appears.

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