Where is Leo Schofield’s Wife Crissie Carter Now?

Even with higher than three a very long time handed by since Michelle Saum Schofield misplaced her life once more on February 24, 1987, there are sadly nonetheless numerous questions swirling around her full case. For the earlier 5 or so years, though, as profiled in ’20/20: Last Seen In Lakeland,’ the primary one has been if her husband Leo Schofield truly killed her or if he’s serving time for an extra’s actions. But for now, for those who occur to merely wish to examine further regarding the one explicit particular person determined to always wrestle for his freedom — his second partner, Crissie Carter — we’ve purchased the required particulars for you.

Who is Crissie Carter?

It was once more in 1991 when former state probation officer Crissie first acquired right here all through inmate Leo whereas instructing on the Hendry Correctional Institution, solely to rapidly be completely intrigued by his story. Since he was one in every of her aids as she acquainted convicts with checkbook balancing along with resume writing, she seen he proclaimed his innocence to all people he met, and he or she was no fully totally different. The sole distinct facet is that Crissie really went dwelling to evaluation all the on the market licensed knowledge herself, ensuing at first of a personal connection as quickly as she expressed she believed him.

This connection of theirs recurrently developed proper right into a deep romance, they often blissfully ended up tying the knot on the chapel in DeSoto Correctional Institution in 1995 — Leo had been transferred. “My family was supportive, but not necessarily happy,” Crissie candidly revealed, referring to her members of the family’ response to her different of a life confederate. “I have friends that don’t talk to me anymore.” However, she has certainly not let any of this impact her because of she not solely loves Leo however moreover trusts in his blamelessness collectively together with her full coronary coronary heart; it’s why she began taking place the licensed route as successfully.

Crissie really employed a model new safety lawyer for her husband in 2004, who quickly aided her years-long quest to get the beforehand unidentified fingerprints from Michelle’s automotive formally examined. The know-how for this wasn’t on the market once more in 1987, however new developments confirmed a match to convicted murderer Jeremy Scott (on an unrelated 1988 matter) in December of the an identical yr. But alas, no matter their fixed efforts, this seemingly important piece of proof (along with Jeremy’s confession and recantation) has not affected Leo’s licensed case in any methodology, to his partner’s chagrin.

Where is Crissie Carter Now?

“A lot of people get involved [with Leo’s case] because they hear the story from me…,” Crissie Carter Schofield as quickly as talked about. “Then they meet Leo; there’s something about him, he’s special.” Therefore, it’s no shock she continues to be her husband’s finest advocate, significantly through her work alongside organizations like The Innocence Project to eventually get him exonerated.

We must level out that Crissie’s onerous work isn’t only for Leo or for a means of vindication; she vehemently maintains it’s moreover for Michelle and to get her what she believes may be true justice. “It doesn’t end with Leo getting out,” she acknowledged. “This is Michelle’s story.” As for her non-public standing, from what we’re capable of inform, Crissie for the time being resides throughout the Fort Myers area in Florida, the place she proudly serves as educated scientific social worker.

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