Who Is Alaskan Avenger aka Jason Vukovich?

Jason Vukovich was born in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1974.

Five years after being imprisoned for severely attacking and robbing three sexual offenders, he has come out.

Vukovich pleaded accountable to a combined offense of first-degree theft and first-degree tried assault.

Jason carried out these assaults in 2016 after a protracted battle collectively together with his tragic earlier as a sexual abuse survivor.

Avenger was sentenced to twenty-eight years in jail in 2018, with 5 years suspended and the remaining 5 years on probation.

Vukovich is now telling others to not take into account him as a hero and to be cautious of what we title vengeance.

Jason Vukovich Brother Joel Fulton And FamilyΒ 

Joel Fulton, Jason Vukovich’s older brother, was found accountable of second-degree baby abuse in 1989 and obtained a three-year suspended sentence, meaning he did not should serve any time in jail.

He lastly made his methodology out of the house.

Fulton attended faculty and later earned a doctorate. According to him, he and his family reside in California, the place he works as a result of the chief information security officer for a information analytics software program program agency.

He claims that he nonetheless seeks remedy to help him take care of the trauma of being bodily and sexually molested as a child.

Jason Vukovich Net Worth 2022

Jason Vukovich’s web worth is unknown proper now, as his occupation is unclear.

He obtained a sentence of 28 years in jail. To maintain alive, Vulkovich turned to crime.

He claims he was locked in a loop of self-hatred on account of what his father had accomplished to him, and he shortly racked up a protracted guidelines of raps with native cops.

He constructed up a jail report that spanned the nation, transferring from Washington and Oregon to Idaho, Montana, and California.

He returned to Alaska in 2008, the place he continued to commit offenses akin to theft, possessing a managed substance, and beating his then-wife, every of which he denies.

Vukovich received all the way down to conduct his mannequin of justice in the direction of intercourse offenders in 2016, as a result of the unresolved trauma of his background was reaching a breaking stage.