Who Is Andrea Solano On Facebook And Why Is She Trending?


The net is rife with rumors about Yeimi Rivera, popularly known as Andrea Solano as a result of favored video she made.

However, quite a few people are disputing this knowledge and adamantly stating that Andrea Solano stays to be alive and that nothing of the such occurred.

The lady throughout the well-known Babybelka 101 video is outwardly Yeimi, in step with the net. The movie’s supplies can be being shared, which has sparked debate on different on-line boards.

After her video went viral on different social media web sites, there are rumors that one different youthful lady may have been the sufferer of on-line bullying.

We made an effort to assemble some particulars whatever the girl’s lack of a clear identification and the reality that a variety of names are utilized in her viral films.

Andrea Solano

On Facebook who’s Andrea Solano?

The lady whose video has simply these days gained status on the internet, considerably Facebook, is Andrea Solano. The films have been taken down, though.

Although most people deny it, there are persistent on-line rumors that she killed herself. However, not one of many rumors surrounding her suicide have been corroborated by her family.

She has been throughout the spotlight since since her non-public video went viral. Like all totally different varieties of flicks that went viral and had been extensively shared on-line, this one poked fulfilling of her.

Contrary to what many people assume, it’s unfortunate that the video was shared with out her permission.

Twitter’s Trending Video of Andrea Solano

Because of the video, Andrea Solano is certainly the sufferer on this case. On Twitter, though, plenty of clients—considerably ladies—have defended her.

Yeimi’s passing has not been formally confirmed; solely rumors exist. Yeimi’s demise has solely been talked about on-line, subsequently there’s an excellent chance that she stays to be alive and correctly at residence.

Discussions about her and the toxic environment that has emerged since her tapes grew to grow to be broadly acknowledged have taken over the net.

Many people attacked her as a result of tape that was allegedly posted with out her consent.

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wikiAnthony Solano

There isn’t a Wikipedia net web page for Andrea Solano, typically generally known as Yeimi Rivera.

Many people assume she devoted suicide on account of she was humiliated by her broadly disseminated video and the following cyberbullying.

Her former confederate or boyfriend is commonly assumed to have shared that tape on account of they’re probably the most definitely to have entry to it, nonetheless nothing has been confirmed as of however.

Without a question, the net has the potential to be dangerous and even encourage suicide.

When using the net, people ought to make use of warning and search help when obligatory after an enormous incident like this.

Since the film shouldn’t be now accessible on public boards, it would seem that the file’s distribution has ceased.

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