Who Is John Welles? Death Arcadia Fl Murder Case On Counter Clock Podcast


John Welles was a small boy when he was sadly killed in 2003. After the Counter-Clock podcast researched his lack of life in Arcadia, FL in 2003, the case is lastly getting a current look.

He was recognized for his outgoing nature and his passion for fishing and looking.

Over the years, his lack of life investigation went chilly, with no leads on the murder. However, Season 4 of the Counter-Clock podcast has returned to analysis the 2003 murder of the youthful teen.

Delia D’Ambra, an investigative journalist and podcast host, reexamined the information and circumstances surrounding the lack of life case in an attempt to unravel the mysteries.

Who Is John Welles? Wikipedia

John Welles was born in Arcadia and sadly died on July 8, 2003, in his birthplace. He studied at Sunshine and Alva Elementary Schools in Lee County. He moreover enrolled inside the DeSoto Gigh School.

Welles was additionally known as a member of the Fort Ogden Methodist Church. The Arcadia, FL case of John Welles was featured on the Counter-Clock True Crime Podcast.

The mysteries hidden inside the John’sremote village present to be the crew’s most powerful and threatening case however, forcing Delia to battle head-to-head with a number of of the Sunshine State’s highest authorities officers.

Never heard interviews and historic audio from suspects, witnesses, family members, and police investigators are included on this year-long investigation. In her attempt to get hold of out who killed John Welles, Delia has gone by way of an entire lot of paperwork, footage, and transcripts.

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John Welles Murder Case Investigation On Counter Clock  Podcast

The Counter-Clock crew has appeared into John Welles’ lack of life in Arcadia, Florida as quickly as further. When he died, the youthful boy was solely seventeen years outdated.

Over time, the 2003 murder case grew to develop into chilly. However, given that podcast’s broadcast, the issue has resurfaced. In addition, CounterClock has already produced 15 episodes throughout which the crew examines the case of a teenager who was discovered drowning in a watery ditch.

Desoto County Sheriffs interviewed the sufferer’s family with the help of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to be taught further regarding the murder case.

Also, after your complete inquiry and diving deep into the case, the investigating journalist, Delia, meets the state governing board in podcast episode 15.

According to the Counter-Clock web page, the season’s 15 episodes are set about 19 years after the murder.

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What Actually Happened To John Welles On The Day Of His Murder

John Welles, a 17-year-old youthful boy, died in a rural part of South Florida in 2003. In the scorching summer season, the cops discovered his physique in a swampy ditch, coping with downwards.

The bullet from the once more of the sufferer’s skull was discovered by the medical skilled crew. The CounterClock crew interviewed John’s most interesting buddy from the age of 19 after reviewing the data, interviews, and the murder case.


Furthermore, the second autopsy report revealed a current twist inside the case, with further suspects. More information will likely be found inside the podcast’s most recent episodes.

There are twists and turns spherical every nook, and Delia’s most perilous and troublesome mission however is to search out the fact about what occurred to 17-year-old John Welles.

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