Who Was Kya Davey? Husband Daniel Davey and Family Look For Answers


Due to Shellharbour hospital’s carelessness, Kya Davey, a mother of two, died on the age of 33 from an aortic rupture.

Her family was appalled to be taught that until 14 weeks after they’d submitted a correct criticism to the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, medical data describing what went flawed weren’t even in existence.

According to Kya’s husband, the 5 pages that had been basically probably the most damning had been even missing as soon as they lastly obtained them.

 Kya Davey

Who Was Kya Davey? What Happened To Her?

Due to a hospital’s incompetence, Kya Davey, a mother of two, died on the age of 33. She had been acknowledged as having the unusual multisystemic genetic sickness Marfan Syndrome, which damages connective tissue, just some years earlier.

Kya wanted to journey to Shellharbour Hospital, which was close to her family’s house attributable to a backache. The family talked about that inside two hours of their arrival, medical staff found a rip inside the woman’s aorta, which was a life-threatening emergency.

She may have acquired care at Wollongong Hospital, which was solely slightly bit better than 20 minutes away, nevertheless Shellharbour Hospital didn’t enable them to seek out out about it.

Kya and her family wanted to look forward to 9 hours after the preliminary examination, all through which interval her organ began to slowly die down.

A lot of hours after the youthful mother of two undergone an estimated eleven-hour surgical process, she handed tragically.

Kya Davey wished emergency surgical process at a singular hospital, the medical medical doctors who dealt with her acknowledged two weeks later.

Information About Daniel Davey Kya Davey Husband And Her Family

Kya Davey and Daniel Davey wed decrease than a 12 months up to now in 2021 after courting for better than ten years. They had been a close-knit family with two sons, Caleb, age 6, and Jackson, age 8.

Her two sons found it troublesome to cope with their mother’s passing. The family gave the boys two teddy bears and a observe that they claimed was written by their mother to help them cope alongside together with her absence.

According to Kya’s husband, who asserted that it’s the one hyperlink they presently have to their mother, they keep onto their teddy bears every evening time sooner than mattress.

Kya could not have survived, nevertheless her family maintains that she had a possibility and that an overworked healthcare system deprived her of it.

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