Why I Act Like A Woman In My Skits – Comedian, MC Shem Speaks

 MC Shem  - Why I Act Like A Woman In My Skits     - Why I Act Like A Woman In My Skits – Comedian, MC Shem Speaks

MC Shem

Ayodele Aguda, the online comedian and content material materials creator, popularly usually referred to as Mama Shem, tells ABIODUN SANUSI about his occupation, childhood and totally different factors

Tell us about your background?

People identify me Shem, Mama Shem or MC Shem. I’m a comic book, actor and businessman. I run a studio in Lagos, the place we produce leisure content material materials.

In the strategy of developing your mannequin, have you ever ever ever been pissed off?

That is probably going one of many challenges that embrace developing a mannequin. One would not actually really feel favor it every time. A number of events, I’ve been pissed off with the job— from staffing to post-production, nonetheless I’ve come to only settle for that they are hurdles that may doubtless be crossed. Some people usually assume that content material materials creators or comedians on a regular basis have a passion for the job, subsequently they shoot because of they’ve a passion for it, nonetheless that is not on a regular basis true. Most time, we exit to shoot because of we’ve got to place one factor available on the market for people to have a look at and receives a fee in return. In my case, I’ve members of staffs whose salaries I should pay. I sometimes inform individuals who on days that you simply simply shouldn’t have the keenness to do it, use stubbornness.

Is there any experience from childhood that has shaped your life as an grownup?

Yes, a lot actually. I was once not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was once actually born with a plastic spoon. There had been a lot of experiences from my childhood which have modified my life. The form of family I grew up in and the state of points all through my childhood hit me truly laborious. We all wanted to maintain in a single room. At some degree, a cousin joined us and we turned seven people dwelling throughout the room.

My mom, a extremely strict woman from Edo State shaped my background. Even as soon as I was throughout the faculty, I used to consider what my mum would do to me if I misbehaved and that made me to not do one thing harmful. The hardship I expert as a child made me to show into resolute in doing additional and rewriting my life’s journey.

When did you start comedy and content material materials creation full-time?

I’ve a picture of myself as soon as I was eight years outdated holding a microphone and different folks had been laughing. I started by performing drama and every time I was once on stage, people used to chortle. When I obtained to highschool, I took it additional considerably. I carried out at completely totally different departments, fellowships and totally different capabilities on campus. I can’t truly inform as soon as I took it full-time nonetheless I took it additional considerably after faculty. I’ve not at all wanted to seek for a job. I’ve carried out this all my life.

What spurred you into doing comedy skits?

My previous flame is performing. In a bit to pursue that, I wanted to go from one audition to the alternative. At some degree, I realised that the system isn’t as structured as I believed and one would need a positive stage of connection. I had a few roles in some TV assortment nonetheless I wanted additional. I wanted to debate to myself that I wished to create my very personal platform. On weekdays, when I did not have events, I used to create content material materials. I started with an Infinix phone which I used to shoot, edit and submit my motion pictures till I bought my very personal digital digital camera.

When did you uncover you had a aptitude for comedy?

That was as soon as I started watching stand-up comedies, every native and worldwide. I observed how one specific particular person might set the mood of a complete viewers of people. I felt there was a lot frustration available on the market and I might do my bit by making people glad.

Why do you act like a girl in most of your skits?

One’s mannequin is admittedly essential and most events, for one to face out, one has to mannequin oneself in a novel method. One of the strategies I wanted to mannequin myself was having a character that I might personally relate to. The greatest for me was my mum, a typical Edo woman, and the best way through which she raised us. For occasion, one might inform one’s mum, “Oh mummy, somebody beat me outside” and one’s mum would nonetheless beat one; that why did you let any particular person beat you. Or one’s mum might presumably be going out and he or she would resolve to beat one. When one asks her why she did that, she would say, “I’m just beating you in case you do something bad when I leave the house”.


I started with that nonetheless I’ve been ready to do a lot of totally different productions that folk don’t even know I’m the thoughts behind.

As a creative artist, what thought course of do you bear sooner than taking footage skits?

It begins with conceptualisation. The idea is important. One has to contemplate ideas and when one lastly has the thought, one has to course of it, script it and produce out the comedy in it. Then, one should choose the solid  by deciding who can play each character best. After that, one should resolve on the position, the crew, sooner than one lastly goes off to shoot it.

There is a course of 1 ought to bear sooner than taking footage skits. It should not be as easy as a result of the viewers assumes. One might shoot a skit for two to three days and different folks would merely watch it in 5 or ten minutes with out them having an idea of what truly went into making it.

Do you recall the precise skit that launched you to the limelight?

Honestly, I’ve not seen one one who can degree to at the very least one particular skit that principally made them know me per se. In my case, I didn’t ‘blow’ like people say or like some people had it. My fixed effort over time is what has saved me going. I’ve been ready to amass a following of three million on Facebook, over 4 million on TikTok, 600,000 on YouTube and over 200,000 on Instagram.

Has any skit ever obtained you into trouble?

No skit has ever put me in trouble. I try to stay away from controversial content material materials. Moreso, my skits are family-friendly. My contents could also be consumed by the general public irrespective of age, social or spiritual orientation. As lots as I have to make people chortle, morals in my skits are essential to me. I’ve had an event the place I posted a skit that was delicate to a particular part of people and as soon as I realised it, I took it down from my net web page.

Do you plan to perform in type or veteran actors in your skits?

I’ve carried out so beforehand and I’ve the intention of doing additional ultimately. However, that is not a serious intention for me. I take into account one can develop one’s mannequin with out undue attachments and dependency. If there is a need for additional collaboration ultimately the place I wish to make use of veterans, in any case, I’d do this.

What faculties did you attend?

For my elementary coaching, I attended Ojodu Primary School, Lagos. I was once at Omole Grammar School for my secondary coaching. I then proceeded to the Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State. I later enrolled for a Master’s diploma in Sociology on the University of Lagos nonetheless I wanted to place it on keep to face comedy.

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Do you would have plans to enter Nollywood?

I’ve plans to provide movies ultimately. However, I’d say that my targets are bigger than Nollywood.

Aside from being a skit maker, what totally different points do you do?

All I do for a dwelling is being a skit maker. I do know it is laborious for a lot of people to contemplate nonetheless I do not promote one thing. All I do is make content material materials for a dwelling. I not too way back started getting invitations from social and firm our our bodies to indicate and educate them on discover ways to effectively create content material materials on social media, and I receives a fee for it.

How do you make money out of your skits?

I make money by way of advertisements on completely totally different platforms I submit on. Companies and other people moreover attain out to me immediately for advertisements.


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